This is a Lottie image

What is the difference?

The 640x640 GIF image is 2.53MB while Lottie image is ajust a 124KB .json file which when served with gzip it becomes only 13KB and even better when served with zstd(Speed 9) becomes only 9KB. That is a massive saving for a detailed and smooth animation.

Of course you can't really converting a normal gif to a Lottie because it is on the most basic level an animated svg file it is still a very valuable resource for having animated vectors on a website.

Another thing you can do with this file format is easilty animate it based on the scroll of a website, have the animation only play once, have it play at different speeds

Easy customisation

The official website has a very simple and easy tool to modify the Lottie's colours to fit your website better, here is one I changed to be sligthly closer to this website's colours: